• you need photos

    You probably already know that you need photos to market your business. Maybe you’ve already hired someone to take headshots of your team, get a few photos of your products or your space, enough to launch your website and let people see that it’s run by actual humans. It’s working, but now you want to step up your game, and grow your business. People are increasingly interested in who you are when they’re choosing someone to work with or buy from. These images help potential clients get to know you, and like you, and eventually trust you. They want to see your face, they want to know what you’re about, and they’re shopping from environmental flat lay photos on their instagram feed (you know, those fancy shots that have your product next to some succulents and a coffee, like “oh, I just happened to drop these here in this beautiful light.”) You’re looking for personal branding photos, and I can help you get them hassle-free, and without exploding your budget.
  • can't i just take these with my phone?

    You can. Phone cameras now take better quality images than the first digital camera I owned, and you can generally achieve something good enough with them. But maybe you want a little better than good enough. Maybe you’ve already tried to do that, and found it to be a huge pain. I’m a photographer for a living, and even I found setting up a tripod with a remote to take my own headshots to be exhausting. Maybe you’ve tried to do those beautiful flat lays of your product, and find that you just can’t get it to look appealing, or you’ve taken a pretty good selfie on your phone but wish you had a portrait that said “I am a professional, and you can trust me with your business.” Maybe you just want to have a folder full of great images that you can pull from for your website, blog, newsletter, social media, and other marketing anytime, and you want it to be easy.
  • i want it to be easy

    We’ll start out with a short questionnaire to get clear on who your clients are, who you are, and what kind of brand statement you want to make. Once I understand what your voice is, I can help you plan your session – what to wear, where to shoot it, what editing style works best, and what kind of images you’re going to need. I’ll come out for your session, make sure we cover your shot list, and in a few weeks you’ll have your folder of finished images to use anywhere and everywhere. Hassle-free.
  • about me

    wood + wire studio is run by Caroline Moore

    I've been a working photographer since 2004. I've been running my own portrait and wedding studio for the last decade; I've also worked for newspapers, conferences, and shot in-house for design agencies and corporations. I've been published in Alternative Press, the Vinyl District, Pittsburgh City Paper, Iron City Rocks, the Herald Standard, and BIE Media. I've taken a lot of pictures.

    While I'm new to doing these personal branding videos, I'm not new to film work, and completed an MFA in Film and Digital Media from Chatham University in 2007.

    Follow us on instagram to see all the newest work. For a quote, or to ask questions, call, text, or email us at hello@woodandwirepgh.com.

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